Thursday, March 29, 2007

Its intresting...

How fast things can change. And how you can see someone so diffrently after something happens.
Its funny how sometimes, how you think a person views themself and how they actually view themself are the same and diffrent at the same time. And how sometimes, your view on someone can change how they view themselves.
It really is intresting how much I've changed.
I really used to be the kind of person to shove my views upon other people. Boy, I was wrong for that.
And while I still do think I'm right most of the time, I am learning how to become tolerant of other people's views of the world. It is something that is hard. You have to put aside your pride and say "You have a diffrent view than me, and that is okay." But at the same time, you know that you think you are at least a little bit supirior becuase you have the view that you do. And you have to realize that that is okay. Agreeing to Disagree is more Agreeing that the other person is wrong. You always think that the other person is not right and you think that you are better because you are. Its not that I look down on people with views that are diffrent than mine, I just simply think that they are wrong. Well, sometimes.
Sometimes, I can see that diffrent strokes are for diffrent folks. Some people march to a diffrent drum and that is perfectly okay. Yes, some of my friends drink. Would I ever do that? No. Do I think drinking is right? No. But do I think they should do it? If they want to. I understand that everyone is inheratly diffrent, and I think that that is one of my stregnths. I know it sounds silly. I know it sounds like I am being superior to even you, as you read this, but more than anything I think that it has helped me realize that no, I am not better than you, merely differnt. If you have a diffrent view than me, yes, my view is right for me and BETTER for me, but your view could prehaps be the same for you. We as humans are all very ego-centered. We think that us, ourselves, are the most important people in the universe, and you know what? We are right. Each of us, our own selves, is the most important person around. We talked about it in my History of Psych class: Each person has their own little universe, and when something is not around that person, it simply does not exist. I totally agree. My views are right for me, because they are the ones that govern the universe in which I currently reside.
My roomate is probally trash talking me with one of her friends. That hurts somewhat, seeing as I am sitting here haveing an ephipany about how we can disagree and still both be right. Whatev.
It sucks that people think that because you a diffrent, you are bad. I don't mean wrong, I mean bad. Sure, you can think someone is wrong and not think them inhertly bad, but sometimes, when it comes to social and moral issues, you think that a person is bad because their view differ from your own.
Take for instance, someone in my religion who is liberal. This is a huge nono. Why? Because, well, they must be bad because they think abortion is okay and think gays should be able to marry, and becuase they think that the war isn't nessacarly right and because they question the govenment and its policys in some areas. Well, I am a liberal. I just don't tell anyone that. I think that as a Christian, we all have free will. And with that free will, each person has a right to decide what he or she wants. I think that if a person decides he is gay, that he should be able to have rights just like any other person. It is not my place to tell them that they are wrong or right: Sexual orientation is not a math problem where there is one specfic anwser for every problem. Some people were abused as a child. Some people have nuerons in their brain that are diffrent. Some people have chemical imbalnaces. Whatever the reason is behind them being gay, I have no way to say weather it is right or wrong. The same goes for abortion. How can I say, with total conviction, that a woman has no right to her own body? Or that a baby has the right, when not even resmbling a baby, to live or to die? I cannot take a stance on these issues, therefore I go with the decision that everyone has a right to decide for themselves. Me, personally? I don't know. I have never been faced with these issues in my life. I honestly can say that I don't think anyone who has not stood in the shoes of someone who has been shamed with the title of "fag" because they find a person of the same gender attractive and act upon those urges or has been labaled a "baby killer" after having an abortion because they can't afford to have a child, or because they were a victim of date rape can make the decision of weather or not these things are correct. Who are we to condem? Who are we to hate? If we hate, we only foster hate. What if I became a lesbian? Does that mean that you, my friends, my family, would hate me? Does that mean that because I made those decisions, or had that lifestyle thrust upon me, that I am nessacarly a horrible person who is going to hell? Me, whom you have known anywhere from years to days, is going to not recive eternal salvation? Do you have right to tell me that? Who does? You? Your group of friends? Your class at school? A polital party? A religion? Where does it end?
I understand not agreeing with something. I undrestand with thinking something is wrong. I understand that you have to have your moral convictions and stand up for what is right in your mind, but I don't understand condeming someone from being diffrent than you. I don't undrestand thinking that you are superior to someone because you hold a certian type of values and belifs. I espically don't understand thinking that looks, skin color or sexual prefence decide on who should get power in the world. That type of hate and ingornace is what casued the Holocaust. That type of hate and ignorance is what caused the LA Riots. That type of hate and ignorance is what caused innocent Gay people to die due to hate crimes. That type of hate and ignorance caused slavery. That type of hate and ignorance is what caused people to kill Mormons. That type of hate is what caused the fights in my highschool.
I just wish everyone could understand that being diffent is okay. That having a diffrent view than someone does not make you a bad person. That not agreeing is not the end of the world, nor the end of a friendship.
Love. Coexhist. Blend. Learn. Grow.
We are all sons and daughters. We are all human. We all live in this world.
And we all have the right to choose.
Please, don't take that right away from people.
Let people live, and they will let you do the same.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Catching up.

Woah Dang, So much to write about.
First, I should totally be writing my paper for my history of Pscyh class, but yeah. Its 1:33am on Sunday, and I just don't see that happening. I have to do it tommorow, tho. Or I'll be in some serious trouble!
First, I moved. I know, I know. My roomate and I had a big disagreement over her boyfriend. Basically, he is a self-righteous jerk who thinks I'm this horrible person. He is seriously just like, the biggest jerk EVER. Ugh. I don't want to elaborate at the moment because, well, I don't want to go to bed angry.

Elder broke my heart in the past month or so. He wrote me a letter saying that when he gets home he wants to party and not get into a serious relationship for two years. I don't want to be here when he gets back. I want to be in London. I want to be in New Zeland. I want to be in Mexico. I want to be in Texas. I pretty much want to be anywhere but here. Do you have any idea how hard its going to be for me to have him here, but not have him? It was hard enough before he was gone. I'm freaking sick of it. I need to just dear john him or something, but my heart is still with him, so its kindof a hard thing to do. I still write him every single monday and tell him whats going on and stuff, but his letters have become more and more infequent, which makes me super sad. I guess he is working hard and he is doing what he is supposed to, but the lack of letters makes me really sad.

David and I have been exchanging more letters, which is fun. I'm making him (and Elder) packages for Easter. FUN! Haha. They are going to be adorable. Dang. David is going to send me back a disposible camera I sent him full of pictures! I'm so dang excited! Its going to be the coolest when I get it back, whenever that may be. Hopefully within the next month. Word.

In other news, me and my (new) roomate, who we are going to call Roomate, are going to go to London next summer. Its basically going to be amazing. I hope we can go for at least two months. We need to figure out the cost of it and everything, but I know that I can afford two months, for sure. I want to see if there is some way to get a temporary job or something. I would love to stay the whole four months, but that may be a little bit excessive. We are def. going tho. I'm excited! Woo! Also, if we went for the whole summer, I wouldn't be here when David gets back, and that would make me sad. We've been writing about how we are going to hang out when he gets back and how we are going to cook and stay out late and talk on the grass. It'll be amazing. He said that its going to be cool getting to know eachother again. I totally agree. I'm excited!

Oh, and hi! Totally went shopping today. I spent a total of 180 bucks on clothes, then went to walmart and spent another 40 on hair stuff and movies and mouthwash and bandaids. Word. I got some freaking cute clothes tho. A red dress that is HAWT, some white pants and the cutest blue and white stripped shirt to go with it, a tshirt, a purse, some flip flops, a pair of earrings, and a skirt that is pretty much amazingly comfy.

OOOH! I bought tickets for the Rocket Summer show on friday! I'm soooo excited to go! I can't even tell you! AND I FOUND OUT that when I go home, they are playing with HelloGoodbye and if I don't go, I really think I'll just have to kill myself. I'm so dang excited. Its gonna be the sickest craziest most awesome show of all time EVER. Dang.

Um... I am really freaking tired. So I think I'll go to bed. But I'll try to update this more. YAY!