Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Blog to end all Blogging

Not really, but this is like, the biggest month of my life and I am just now going to blog it. My husband is about to come home and probably be mad at me for sitting in bed all day, but I'm kindof sickly, so he'll probably forgive me, hopefully. Well, he will b/c he is awesome.
So, back to my list.
1. Wedding Day - Oh my gosh. It was wonderful. Lets start from the top. I got into the bathtub, careful not to get my hair wet, and washed myself with this soap my mom brought. It smelled like glory. I then got out of the tub and proceeded to sprial curl my entire head, which took about 45 minutes, and then i put it all up in a gob on top of my head. It looked freaking stellar. Rock me for doing my own hair and saving money. My makeup went equally well and I walked out the door looking pretty dang hot. We walk outside: Its raining. LAME. Got to the temple like 2 minutes late and David was freaking out. For once, he got somewhere early. :-) I guess it was important or something. So then, we check in and get scuttled to our diffrent dressing areas. My mom helps me put my temple dress on, and I laugh at all the brides who look way uncomfortable in their wedding dresses, silly girls. Temple dress is way smarter for in the temple. They all have to wear leotards under so that its temple-ready. They look hot, and not in the attractive sense.
Anyways, I get shuttled to meet David, which was wonderful. He looks so handsome in white. And every other color. But anyways, then we go sit in the celestial room for like, an hour. We do some temple-age, which I mess up and we have to re-do, but its all good in the end. The guy made fun of me. We sit back in the celestial room and comment on the amount of insane carving. It really is nuts. They finally come get us and then we get to meet our sealer. He is ADORABLE. For real. This really cute old man with a circle of white hair on his head. He talks to us for a few minutes. I can literally feel the love glowing out of us for eachother. It feels like pure happiness has been sprayed into the air and it is tangible. I can't stop smiling, and try to pay attention to our sealer instead of looking at David. This is really going to happen. We go into the room and all of our family is there. I don't really see anyone, b/c I'm trying not to look at David but can't help it. Our sealer talks for 15ish mintues, about what I couldn't tell you. He quoted prophets about the temple and marriage. He asks us to kneel over the alter and we do. Someone sitting behind me said that you could see the excitement in my body. It would start in my toes and go up my feet and into my legs and start shaking my whole body before I got it in check and then it started all over again. I just remember getting to look into David's eyes and think that this was forever. This was love. This was why I was here, on this earth, to marry this man and be his. The sealer told me I was beautiful and told david he was too. It was cute. He told us to kiss. I didn't want to kiss him too much b/c I was afraid I would jump over the alter and melt into his arms. He said the kiss wasn't good enough and made us do it again. I melted a little, but refrained from jumping over the alter. We got up and everyone came and said hi to us. I cried quite a bit, I wasn't the only one (my brother! true story!). Everyone was gone, Dads signed marriage stuff, then we were shuttle off into the dressing areas again. I got all hot in my wed wed dress and 4 inch heels, and came out to meet my husband (!). It has stopped raining! We go out, and its kindof anti climatic b/c we are looking for our photographer. Bad news, he's not there. So, we go out and everyone is confuzed, people call, get his number, and then I call him. I'm not that happy, he got the days mixed up. Bad times. He is in Provo. He will be there for the luncheon and is so sorry. I do not throw a fit, I become someone not myself and take it in stride. This whole marriage thing is working wonders. A friend takes some photos for us around the temple and with family. We go back in the temple to change into luncheon clothes. We drive to the Olive Garden. They forgot our reservations. Now I'm TICKED. I yell at some people (in a not too loud yell) and we get sat. From there on, smooth sailing. The food was great. Rich taking photos is great. Everything is great. We try to leave a few mintues early, and are sucessful. I change into my dress. Oh no, I ate too much at lunch. But it fits, barely. Me & David get in my mom's tiny rental car with my mom, dad & nick, and they bus us over to the temple. I get out and head to the square while nick & david go to get david's car so nick can take it to the B & B. Good times. People ask me if I'm missing someone, since I'm all alone, looking for Rich Bliss (our photog). I say suck it. Not really, but whatev. Find Rich Bliss, take a few photos of me and then David comes! YAY! We take lots of pictures. We take jump pictures. It hurts. We stand on a wall and get into trouble. It was worth it. We take spinning pictures, and leaning pictures, and dipping pictures. We were pretty sick of pictures. Then we get in his cool truck and drive to the reception, we are kindof late, buts its our day! Whatev! David loves his cake. Start the family photo buisness. Its all good in the hood. Lots more smiling. My mouth hurts. People start getting the reception. We make the rounds and say hi. We dance our first dance. It goes okay. The song seems a lot longer than I remember. Daddy daughter dance, next. My dads face is really red. He's not sure what emotion to show, so he's laughing. I love my dad. Then mother son. I go say hi to my mom. She gives me a hug. Then the real dancing starts. Then we cut the cake. Its delicious! Mmmhmmmm. I ate a plate ful, then ate some food and drank some drink. We dance more. I go upstairs and change. Come down to Michael Jackson. Perfect. We say hi to a few more people, then its time to leave. We go down the stairs the limo. Everyone is blowing bubbles. We get in and wave. The limo is fun. We had water in champange glasses. I wish there was a sunroof thing we could stick our heads out of. End scene.
Next day, breakfast was wonderfu. They had this sweet awesome cherry crisp delicous thing. YUM. We bum around SLC. Go to get chinese food. Go to Barnes & Noble. I get a book about cooking, but not a cookbook. Its hard for David to wrap his head around. We go back to the B&B and watch America's Best Dance Crew. Fanny Pack get kicked off. WACK, MAN! We wander around the B&B looking for salt for our Wendy's frys. Stole some from the dining room which we return the next morning. Didn't feel like staying till late check out, so we head back to Provo around 9ish. Get home and start opening our mountain of presents. It was fun, and we wrote some thank you notes.
Oh my gosh this is getting to be a freaking novel.
Fast foreward to Texas. Frost a bajillion cookies, go to freaking GP to see Dylan who is not home, get a LOT of queso from chain only in Texas, get sonic, say goodbyes to Texas spots we love. The reception hall looked fantastic. Don't think we got a photo of it. We are idiots. Brg. Everyone ate cookies and icecream. I think it went over well. Saw some people, said hi, people liked our slide shows, I think. A lot of people congregated by them. After, we help clean up a bit then drive out to Arlington to say hi to his band teacher? Whatevs. Get home, I have a massive headache. We talk to Nick & his Girlfriend Amber Dawn. Talk to the rents. Go to bed. (that was 3 days, PS)
Wake up entirely too early to go to the airport. Get there, and get sat in blukhead. I HATE THE BULKHEAD. Headache is still present, I sleep a bit, think I drooled on David. Oh well. We get in the car, FINALLY, and head to his parents house to meet the girls.
Drive to Nyssa, OR.
It takes a long time.
Stop at a sweet diner for lunch. Yum.
Get to Steph's house before her. "Whats a thunder egg?" "Hello to you too." They are radiant. I am reminded of our wedding day, a week before. It seems like much longer than a week. We all get ready and chill and go to the church for the reception. There are green lights in the fountian, steph is not happy about this. We eat and talk and have fun, and then Steph and Pete are gone, and we go to Whit's house to spend the night. Whit's dad knows my dad from college. Its a small small mormon world. I go to be early, citing headache, and cat allergies, both of which are true. David is somewhat sad to not be socializing, but comes with his wife. We go to sleep. I'm knocked out on benadryl. Awesome. Me & David are up first at 10:30. Talk to whit's parents for a while. Wake up everyone else at like 11:45. We left at 1ish. Took forever to get back to Provo, but we stopped at the mall on the way back in some Idaho town. Worst food court ever, so we went to Taco Bell. I drove after that. David didn't feel well. The alignment gets really bad and there is a bad vibration, which makes my boobs hurt REALLY BAD (I start my period two days later, which I'm sure didn't help) I'm grumpy. We get home, and are glad to be there. Sleep Sleep Sleep. Church at 1. Lovely.
This will have to continue later. I should probably get ready for class. Sorry for the novel. Its a lot to take in.
Also, I higly reccomend being married, espically to David Philip Allen. He's pretty fantastic.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Sorry its been so long since I've written. We are about to go to olive garden, so I'll writing myself a reminder note to finish a blog post. These are things I need to expound upon:
Wedding Day
Fantastic B & B-age
My cute apartment
Steph & Pete
Stevi & Ty
Nyssa, Oregon
Job Hunting
David's work
Loving my dear sweet husband to death, almost.
Soon, you shall know of all these things.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I waxed my legs today. It hurt like a bee. Seriously. Painful. Experince. But hopefully I won't have to shave for over a month! Hurrah the last weeks of summer with smooth legs. I was going to get a brazillian wax, but I just couldn't do it. I just did a regular bikini. Maybe someday I can get up the cajones to actually get a brazillian. But probably not. David will give me lazer hair removal at some point in our lives. Until then, I'll just shave like a normal person, I guess.
Also, my hair is now super blonde. Like, i dunno if its ever been this blonde. I like it. And my haircut is pretty rocking as well. It looks a lot healthier.
I like Aveda products. They are all natural and make your hair smell gooooood.
I am getting married in 15 days. HOLY TRASH.
I love David a lot. I don't like being apart from him. It makes us both freaking nuts. Bah.
I'll be out of the state of Texas in 7 days, and back into the state of Utah in 8. Rock on.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Things to make:
Calendar (Monthly to hang somewhere in the apt. Weekly desk variety to hang elsewhere for planning purposes, Daily for funny times)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sent photos to cake lady
Called my grandma, figured that out.

Things left:
Dress Fittings
Olsens Addresses
Thank you notes
Cake topper photos

Thursday, June 26, 2008


This is a good place for me to put all my lists, b/c I can look them up wherever I go and not lose them.

Budget for next year:
All of Sabrina's Income (hopefully 500/mo after tithing): Directly to madre.
David's Income: (about 500 a paycheck after tithing)
-500: Pay off debt
-200: Groceries
-100: Insurance
-100: Europe
-100: Savings
All Movie & Eating out expenses: Paid for by Plasma donation ONLY. For serious.

Things I have accomplished:
I totally went to Utah and met with all my vendors.
Got the bouquets made for the BM's. 
Started on boutonnieres.
Wrote 6 thank you cards.

Things I have yet to accomplish:
Send photos for cake topper
Final Number for both receptions
Cookies for Texas
Dress Fittings
... there is more that I can't think of now but will add later.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I've accomplished this far:
I have attempted to book honeymoon. Will try again tomorrow.
Figured out and ordered cake topper (its gonna look like us! cool!)
Got invites in, and made reception cards.
Booked Gyno (weds) and decided on Minera
Ordered reception favor boxes, sent to Grandma
Decided on my bouquet.
Narrowed down cake choices

Things I have yet to accomplish:
Dress fittings
Veil Shenanigans 
Book Florist
Get ahold of stupid photographer (aguh)
Finalize Cake
Decided on when to meet with each of my vendors
Lose 10 more pounds
Wear shoes a lot 
Blah Blah Blah