Thursday, June 26, 2008


This is a good place for me to put all my lists, b/c I can look them up wherever I go and not lose them.

Budget for next year:
All of Sabrina's Income (hopefully 500/mo after tithing): Directly to madre.
David's Income: (about 500 a paycheck after tithing)
-500: Pay off debt
-200: Groceries
-100: Insurance
-100: Europe
-100: Savings
All Movie & Eating out expenses: Paid for by Plasma donation ONLY. For serious.

Things I have accomplished:
I totally went to Utah and met with all my vendors.
Got the bouquets made for the BM's. 
Started on boutonnieres.
Wrote 6 thank you cards.

Things I have yet to accomplish:
Send photos for cake topper
Final Number for both receptions
Cookies for Texas
Dress Fittings
... there is more that I can't think of now but will add later.

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