Thursday, July 24, 2008

I waxed my legs today. It hurt like a bee. Seriously. Painful. Experince. But hopefully I won't have to shave for over a month! Hurrah the last weeks of summer with smooth legs. I was going to get a brazillian wax, but I just couldn't do it. I just did a regular bikini. Maybe someday I can get up the cajones to actually get a brazillian. But probably not. David will give me lazer hair removal at some point in our lives. Until then, I'll just shave like a normal person, I guess.
Also, my hair is now super blonde. Like, i dunno if its ever been this blonde. I like it. And my haircut is pretty rocking as well. It looks a lot healthier.
I like Aveda products. They are all natural and make your hair smell gooooood.
I am getting married in 15 days. HOLY TRASH.
I love David a lot. I don't like being apart from him. It makes us both freaking nuts. Bah.
I'll be out of the state of Texas in 7 days, and back into the state of Utah in 8. Rock on.

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