Saturday, January 12, 2008

Its been a while...

Life has come at me fast and hard. Holy Junk.
Lets go backwards, because thats how I roll.
This week sucked. Me and David were just mad at each other all week, (minus) I started new meds, (plus) he forgot to take his, (minus) we got into a car accident and had to deal with all the stupid insurance/blame stuff,(minus) even tho it was totally the other person's fault.(double minus) School started,(minus, for too soon) I had 16 hours, dropped a class and now have 12 and only have class tues/thrus. (plus) David's work was lame lame lame and didn't put him on schedule,(minus) which is bad bad bad because we spent a buck load of money this week (minus) buying him a desk, starting groceries, supplies for the apt, etc.(plus) He finally got it worked out (after he killed some people, I think) and is working tomorrow night and thursday and friday during the day. (plus) Hopefully he can make enough to pay off his gym pass, which he got on thrus. woooo! (plus) we worked out together (haha for like 30 mins) on thrus night and when he gets on a more regular work schedule we are going to figure out when we can go that works for both of us. (plus) We got into the biggest fight of our relationship last night, (minus) and I really thought it was going to be over. (minus) I was freaking out (minus) (I think some of it was new meds, which I started that day, and a lot of it was the stress of the wreck and adjusting to being together all the time) and it just was really bad. (minus) We ended up driving up the canyon (we didn't talk the whole way. it wasn't fun) (minus) and finally stopping and talking everything out.(plus) He is so amazing and wonderful. Seriously. He is the most amazing man I have ever known. He is so forgiving, understanding, generous and selfless. I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else. He is my entire world, and I love him with all of my heart. I feel so lucky that he picked me and that he loves me despite all my flaws. He is my other half. (major multiple plusses, that rule out all minuses and then some) So yeah, there is a week which should have sucked royally, and did, other than the fact that I got to see the man I'm going to marry every day and each day I knew, more than the last, that he is the one for me. (we also went out with Stevi and TyTy tonight, and that was fun, minus the lamness of the movie we went to see. warning: across the universe has nipples. . . of the girl variety. think titanic. lame)
The week previous to this one was kindof fun. Well, the first half was. I was in Maryland, and spent time with Rad. I love her. A lot. And we sat around in our PJs and didn't shower and watched the free movies from comcast, which included Anastasia. I would have paid to see that, because its amazing. I love Demetri. :-) I got a sinus infection while I was in MD, which sucked, but it was okay. When I got back to Texas, David was there and we ate dinner at my house with his friends. That was fun. The next day I drove back to Utah, which sucked. I hate that drive. Its ugly and boring. Booooo.
The week previous to that one I started out in Texas. Moms and me went and got my wedding flowers (for 50% off! yay!) and started looking at fabric, before my ovaries started to explode. That sucked. I took a lot of drugs and went to bed. That helped a lot. Me and Brooklyn are going sometime in the next 5 days to look at JoAnn's to see if they have anything that would work, b/c I have a coupon. Rock that. Me and my pops went to REI and got him a spiffy new spoon/spatula thing and a mug with a lid that is giant. All the better for his large cups of hot coco (also, sidenote, postum got discontinued. oh no! what are all the mormons going to have as their substitute coffee?!?!) I read a lot of bridal mags and hung out with Laura. I love her a lot.
The week before that was finals. Boo. That resulted in Sabrina being on Academic Warning. Lame sauce. Just because I failed 1 class and got a D- in another. Common BYU. Cut me some slack. Now I have to do some workbook thing, which is gay, but I'll do it b/c I have to be a responsible adult. At least I'm not on probation. I have to make a 2.1 this semester or something to get off warning, and I think I'll be able to do that, so thats good. Yay!
Blah blah blah. I don't really have anything else to say as of right now. Oh wait, some new year's resolutions:
1. Lose 20+ pounds. I am 155 right now. That is overweight. I hate my naked body, which I used to love, so I want to get back down to 135, which is totally obtainable, if I diet and exercise right. I would love to get down to 125, but I don't see that happening unless I cut off my boobs and my butt, so I'm gonna say 135 is good with me. I gotta look hot in all those wedding pictures, ya know?
2. Be better with church stuff. Pretty self explanatory.
3. Write in this on a regular basis (I'm trying, k? It'll happen.)
4. Marry David Philip Allen.
5. Rock school.
The end.

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