Tuesday, February 5, 2008

There is sunshine in my soul today

I am going to Hawaii. Next weekend. ROCK THAT. 
David's parents called us yesterday and asked us if we wanted to go. I am finding out after class if I get to take my test a day late (its not like I'll do any extra studying. I'll be in a place with sun and a beach and an ocean to keep me busy) so we can go thrusday night and come back wednesday morning. Word. I'm going to lay on the sand and try to surf maybe and basically just have so much fun I won't know what to do with myself. 
Also, I fell and hit my tailbone and its bruised and it hurts really really badly. So I have an insurance claim with the Riv. Hopefully I get money so I can buy some shoes. That would be cool. 
Only 30 mins left till I get to play with David until my next class.
David is wonderful. 
Life is allright.
School sucks.
The end.

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