Thursday, August 23, 2007

Love Love Love Love

The past 2 weeks of my life have rocked. I have been living them to the heavens. I have a boyfriend now. A real, live, official boyfriend who is just about as crazy about me as I am about him. I don't remember ever being this happy.
Seriously. Chicago was amazing. I got to know him SO much better, and I feel like this is real. This is something that is big and in charge and wonderful.
We are getting married. Next Summer. Maybe in August. Wow.
I know, I know. Its going SO fast. But its what I want. I want him. To be mine. For the rest of forever.
He is my other half. He makes me feel happy and high and wonderful. He holds my hands and kisses my nose and holds me close.
He knows my deepest fears. He knows me, and he still loves me.
I know him too.
We have shared our souls, and now they belong to eachother.
All I have to give to him is what I am, and to him, that is good enough.
Seriously. Life is good.

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