Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Some Days

I wonder if I'll ever actually go anywhere in life.
I just want to cook. And Bake. And do anything related to food.
School is a joke.
I want David here NOW.
Me and a hottie who lives in the Glenhood need to hang out (you know who you are)
Also, I've noticed that words do not equal action, and actions speak far louder than words.
I bought the "Baby Its Cold Outside" ringtone by Rod Stewart.
I like Jess more than Dean. Does that make me a bad person? I hope not.
It is currently 3:30 am and I'm going to bed.
Good night moon.

1 comment:

siovhan said...

Dude, that hottie at Glenhood was SO confused last night at what was going on...that she ended up falling asleep. She is not so hot sometimes.

But she does still love you and DESPERATELY wants to hang out and become BESTEST BUDS. seriously. i, i mean...she needs more sabrina in her life.