Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Moving On

I've decided to move freaking on. Elder doesn't care enough about me to actually say anything about his feelings, so I've decided that he isn't worth it. He isn't worth my tears, my pain, or my heart being broken. I don't want dissapointment when it comes to Love... I want fulfillment and happiness and smiles and romance. I know that I really can't ask all of that of him, seeing as he's 3,000 miles away or something, but he could at least .. I dunno... actually act like he cared or had concern for what is going on. It doesn't matter why anymore. I'm sick of trying to guess his motivation and his thoughts. I'm going to get up, wipe off my sorry self, and walk on down the road. I think it'll be the best way for me to figure out what I want.
EWC, well. I dunno. Well, I do. He's amazing. And I like him. And I can't wait for him to get home. And I want him to go to Rome with me. But the problem with that is David. STUPID. David is such a jelous kid, and it just isn't fair that I have to deal with him when it comes to EWC. I mean, if I write EWC more than I write David, he gets mad. So its just lame. I'm going to send him a package or something when I get home (I'm in Tyler, Texas right now) to try to make it up to him. Altho he proally won't care since I'll end up sending EWC almost the exact same thing, but whatev. I think I'll give up trying to figure that kid out too. EWC said that David regrets ever breaking up with me, which may be part of the problem. He isn't over me. And it isn't fair that EWC has to be stuck in the middle of all this crap.
Anyways, I need to do some Stats.

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Lyndsi Shae* said...

Why dont they both just spread truth across the earth and shaft their womanly drama until they get home and have time for such things.

rock the mish while you can ya'll.