Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Eternal Sunshine

I really want to have sunshine in my soul, today, tomorrow and forever.
David brings that sunshine to me.
We went to my grandparents this weekend and it was great. Ate a lot and talked a lot and snuggled a lot on something bigger than a couch. (a bed! oh no, call the honor code!) I just really know that I want to marry him and be with him forever. He is my soul, and owns my entire heart. I had a bad dream one of the nights we were there, and I went in and he held me for a while until I wasn't scared anymore. Well, he slept and let me be near him. He took up the entire bed and kicked me off. I think thats how its going to be when we are married. And he snores a little bit. its more like heavy breathing. Its comforting. He reaches out for my hand when we are driving, or when we are walking around shopping, or whenever. He just always wants to be near me and be touching me, and I am so glad. It makes me feel like he really really wants me. I love it.
He is taking me to see High School Musical on Friday.
If that isn't love, I don't know what is.

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siovhan said...

Oh. This makes my heart happy.