Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Feeling Better

So, the prozac has helped a LOT. I actually did something today!
I've been really really sick the last two days with a sinus-infection-cold thing that has made doing stuff impossible, so I thought that I was maybe not affected by it at all. But today I feel SO much better, and I'm going to get stuff done and be productive. Its like there isn't this wall blocking me now. YAY!
I am figuring out that a true friend is a really neat thing.
Also, David is wonderful. I'm counting down the days till next semester when I can be with him SO much more. Its going to be fantastic.
Okay, shower time.

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siovhan said...

oh sab--i'm so glad you're feeling better. i love happy sabrina. and dude, i'm starting to hit my winter blues stage...and it SUCKS. but i love you. lots.