Tuesday, November 6, 2007


My face has been really really hot today. Well, my whole body, actually. It isn't pleasant. And I've been sleeping ridiculous amounts every night and I'm still tired every day. And when I walked up to campus today both of my legs, from the knees down, hurt really bad, like they had fallen asleep and were trying to wake up. I have been getting really bad migraines and stomach ache's, as well as the occasional bout of diarrhea, which is attractive, I know. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night wanting to throw up, but when I sit up, my head starts swimming and I know I would pass out before I make it to the toilet, so I have learned how to will myself to stop the nausea that has overcome my body. This mess has been going on for over two weeks.
I am going to get a check up tomorrow, and I'm going to get my blood work done. Something is not right in the land of Sabrina.

In other news, I went grocery shopping and I have milk again, and I'm going to have grapenuts in the morning, with banana on top. Maybe an egg, too, since they are good for you. I also got hummus, which my fridge has been without for far too long, since like summer. Lame on me.

I went tanning yesterday, with my 8 free tans from Gold's Gym that I may have lied to procure, but it wasn't on purpose, so I'm calling it good. I bought tanning lotion, which was dumb, but it reminds me of summer so its all good. I figure since the tanning was free, I might as well spend some money on the lotion. I'm doing this because two weeks from today I'll be laying out on a beach in Cancun celebrating my 20th birthday with good music and literature.

Burgoyne came and played with me on Saturday. That was nice. I'm glad he is my friend. I made him delicious chicken and we watched chick flicks and it was wonderful. But he wouldn't snuggle with me b/c he was scared that David would get mad. But then David came because I had been sick all week last week and snuggled with me instead, which was amazing.

I re-read all of Philip's letters today. David called while I was in the middle of it and I wasn't in the best frame of mind and I know he was worried about me all day, because he is the best fiancé ever. And when I finished reading them, I knew why I am marrying David, not that I didn't know before, but it was confirmed. David won't ever play with my heart or not tell me what he is feeling in his. I love him so much, and know that he is the person I am supposed to marry. Its wonderful.

I went to the temple today for the first time since high school. It felt good.

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