Monday, July 23, 2007


I just bought my plane ticket to Chicago. I think it might have been the best $344.34 I've ever spent.
I'm going for 7 days to a city I've never been to with a boy I might be in love with.
Something tells me this is going to be a life-changing college experience. Like one of the things that defines you from that moment on.
I am so excited to LIVE! To finally break free and do what I want to. This is the start of MY life. The start of what I want to do. The start of ME being who I want to be.
I know its a little bit of a waste of money... but our hotel stays are free (thanks to Joe! We love Joe!), and we are going to bring a bunch of snack stuff so we don't have to buy as much in the city. I bet Joe takes us out to lunch or dinner a few times, too. I plan on budgeting my money wisely... hopefully I won't spend more than 200 while I'm there, but I'm budgeting 300 just in case. Not that you care about my finances, but I am pretty much planning this as I go.
I told my parents, too. And they were okay with it. Yay for parents maturing with their children!
I hope this goes well. It shall all be well documented and written about on here. YAY!
We are going to have a David & Sabrina's Day Off AKA doing all the stuff in Ferris Bulluer's Day Off. Its gonna be AWESOME! We are gonna go thrifting and get sweet old clothes to wear to look like them and stuff. I'm way way way stoked! I love the David will do random stuff with me that might embarrass regular people. I love that he isn't normal... just like me!
Anyways. Its late and I have to get up early, but I'm just so fired up. Woooooooo.
Its gonna be a good next month.

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