Sunday, July 1, 2007


i think i'm going to live and let live, or however that stupid thing goes.
good things about david:
he can make me laugh
he calls me and texts me
he admits when he is wrong
he is an amazing kisser
he is honest with me
he holds my hand
he tells me his fears
he has a great family
he talks to me about everything
he lets me vent about stuff
he can be serious
he will play with me
he is beautiful, inside and out
he has a strong testimony
he is a worthy priesthood holder
he wants a family
he will be a great dad
he is loving and caring
he doesn't care when my legs aren't shaved
he lets me use his toothbrush
he isn't afraid to be crafty
he is upfront about his feelings
he thinks i'm beautiful
he learns from his mistakes
he isn't afraid of change
he is spontaneous
there are so many more things that i don't know exactly how to put into words, like how it feels when he kisses me, a mixture of love and tentative longing and newness. i don't know how to explain how he makes me feel more like myself or how he helps me realize things that i didn't know i needed to realize. i don't know how to explain how he is so fun and sad and wonderful all at the same time, and how when i'm with him, i don't want the time to keep ticking by, i just want to live in that moment, with him, forever.
it should be interesting to see where the next 6 months take him and i. i think its funny that both times we've started something, there has been this waiting period. but this time, its more of waiting to see where it goes instead of waiting to kiss, but i think maybe the next 6 months will be good. we'll be able to try and go on dates with other people to see exactly what it is about each other that we like, and make sure it is each other we want to be with. i think its really a good thing that david was so honest about how if we dated for 6 months seriously, we'd want to get married, because it shows that he knows where this may lead and is being upfront about the possibilities this has. i really hope that he comes back to BYU in january (or goes back on his mission) because then we can date and see where it goes for real.
wow. this is all such a big deal. and i'm scared but excited all at the same time.
oh, strawberries. i missed that boy, and hope i don't ever lose him again.

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