Sunday, October 14, 2007


So, we (lyndsi, me, david, steevie, brooklyn and some dude... nate? ) played the poetry game. here is some of our awesome work.

The smell of the boy stayed on the sweatshirt
Like the cereal left crusted upon the bowl
Yet the thoughts of the boy were centered on
His co-co pebbles of lovvvvvve.

Big. Fatty. Kankles
are of the lowliest breed
who shall never be seen in capris
except those ones that are hot, sexy, and anklet-ed.

Oh when will that special day come?
will I ever be a walrus bride?
no, because i am but a lowly krill
swimming in the ocean of defeat!

Something... was amiss... in the glen-hood.
the mattress under the stairs was being used.
should i heave them their privacy or call the gestapo?
i think i'll just snuggle til 10:30 in the morning (... hoes.)

good morning my little ones
you are now in big trouble
too many sneaky sugar bon-bons
keep it real

shrimps are burning within my bosom!
and oh how my bosoms longed to be extinguished!
oh how long that run to the john was
and yet the longing was not long enough.

i smell of a slaughtered hanging pig.
because of this, a grave i have to dig.
should i have him a wig in honor of the jig?

whenever you see the one over
you have to stop and think
is the sky really blue or the grass really green>
geez i am not very keen

the car windows were fogged
i guess you could say it was our fault
titanic carriage x100 (talk about a natural made sauna)
good thing we were just boiling water for some noodles

i meet the milk man today
and wonder if i should tell him of the children he fathered
i don't want my milk to be tainted or bothered
so i will just pretend i have nothing to say

dashing young men danced in the candlelight
faster and faster till they began to swirl
until the young women came a little closer
and stuck them in the roaster!

i turned on the camera and my eyes were accosted
i saw it all go down, and almost lost it...
over there and over there
is there anywhere i can go to get free?

the squaw peak parking lot was full
but be found a way to squeeze in
we only needed a little space
we had the scriptures on CD!

big purple pudding pile
riding off into the eternal sunset
jiggling with determination
i shall miss my big purple pudding pile

what else is as white as rice
provo utah is white but nice
bug you can't gamble ie: play with dice
my sexy not so slender upper thigh

i saw a bearded man walking down the street yesterday
he told me that the world was a beautiful place
sike! the carpet is the size of jamaica
and at my my current weight i am bigger!

trickling down the pot of maple syrup
was the lost love of Sebastian's small, short life
what?! crabs in my pancakes?!
said miss baltimore crab...

the sun is shining so bright in my eyes
and as he gazes at me my soul begins to fly
oh what to do with this feeling i have
if only i had shades for my eyes, and a bungee cord for my flapping soul

a redsox hat i wear with pride
o the ocean tide i want to ride
and the redsox go out with the tide

so jordan tall gave me a sunflower...
then took me to where the sun doesn't shine
and we made out till the sun shone again
but who need the sun there's not fun in that

i heard a knock upon the door
and then i peed upon the floor
oh what shall i do with this putrid smell
of this stupid, new hair gel?

red glossy zippers bare no truth
only rumors of what the walls have seen
but the quicker the zipper
the slower the drive

oh how i envy the place he is in
in my arms, touching my lips
so i act like a shark and bite!
he thinks it is kinky

and once, thus the peanut butter clam shells
all began to talk amongst themselves
they told the story of the sea from its birth
oh no kids cover your ears! (earmuffs)

a little game of footsie
went unnoticed for a time
but the i ate a tootsie (...roll)
and he jumped across the line!

how many types of food can he cook?
i don't care, as long as he can kiss
four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie
doesn't really matter, he's fox

who can resist the raunchness of men?
i can, i love the honor code! hurrah!
except when it comes to buff men.
and then they are my biggest flaw.

the girl was a jezebel
mizzle that lizzle jezza bizzle
thats just how we are here on the south side
and thats how i like my chicken breast

my cheeks are flaming
he touched me again
my heart always flutters
when it comes to mustached men

(the best oneeeee)

she touched me again and what should i think
shove some food in my mouth and try not to blink
for her piercing eyes will do me in
to be obese and lustful, oh what a sin!

fun night, even if they ate my ENTIRE CHEESECAKE IN ONE SITTING.

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