Monday, October 8, 2007


so, i'm writing this out here so i'll have it forever, and also so that i can copy/paste it to other places/people.
first, i already knew that it was coming. mainly because david is a horrible liar, and the fact that one morning he said that he didn't take is laptop to school, which obviously meant that he was in Texas getting the ring instead of at school, because he always takes his laptop. silly boy.
okay, so i came home from class on thrusday and there was a note on my door. it said, in a nut shell, that there was a surprise and i had to look at "a journey of our lives" and then go into the kitchen. so, i walked in and there were 30 pictures hanging by string from the ceiling. there were pictures from the day we met, our first date (which i don't remember taking) to dates we had in high school, to chicago to homecoming the weekend before, and on the back of each picture there was a reason why he loves me and a little story. so, i got to the last one and it was way cute, and then i went into the kitchen, and there was a chair with some movies he had borrowed sitting on it. it had a note that said "surprise! i returned your movies!" i was like, lame. so i picked them up and was going to go put them away and there was a white (obviously jewelry) box sitting underneath. i thought it was my ring, and i got all excited, and i opened it and it was a pearl necklace! i had told him i liked it when we were looking at jewelry the week before, but i didn't know he actually got it (he went while i was in class, the sneak) and so i glanced over and he was looking out from the grate of the water heater closet (totally creepy sounding, but it wasn't. he was just seeing what my reaction was. it was cute) and so i opened the door, and pulled him out and had him put on the necklace and gave him a big hug and he was like "today was the day i was going to propose (and at this point, my heart fell to the ground, because i was so sure i was getting proposed to that day) but your dad said i couldn't have the ring" at which point i knew he was a huge liar, because my dad tries to be funny and does crap like that, and so i said "where is my ring! i know you are lying! give it!" and he said "dang! i can't lie!" and so he got down on one knee and pulled out the box from his back pocket, where he had been sitting on it for a good 10 minutes in the closet, and he tried to open it and it wouldn't open, and it was really cute and he finally got it open and said "sabrina, will you marry me?" and i said "no!" and he just looked at me, and i was like "yes, you dork, you know i'll marry you" and he got up and gave me a kiss and we said i love you and yay! i'm offically engaged to the most wonderful boy in the universe!

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