Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sabrina -

Right now, you are a starting your second fall semester at BYU. I just wanted to remind you of some stuff you learned your first year there.

- Don't tell people about your past unless you are engaged/about to get engaged. Why? It blows up in your face. There are no exceptions here. Period.
- A clean room makes everyone happy, even you.
- Chocolate should be used sparingly. It takes the edge off if you have too much too often.
- Studying works. Cramming only works if you studied.
- Eating late at night? Bad idea.
- Going to bed after midnight? Bad idea.
- Making out with random boys? Bad idea.
- Going to class? Good idea.
- Being friends with boys first? Good idea.
- Hanging out with friends can always happen later. Studying for that test/quiz can't.
- Waking up after 10 am makes you MORE tired.
- Taking naps after 3pm or napes more than 1 hour kill your sleeping schedule.
- A thank you note goes a long way.
- Cooking to put off homework isn't good.
- Bake only 1 dessert a week. And put it on the free for all table.
- Do not take stuff off the free for all table. Seriously.
- Girls are amazing friends. Be a good friend back.
- Don't interrupt when you are listening to someone. The point of listening is to listen. They don't want to hear your stupid story.
- Take out the dang trash before it overflows.
- Read your scriptures every night.
- Pray night and morning.
- You are so lucky. Oh my gosh. Act like it. Stop being such a freaking spoiled brat.
- Don't spend your money on stupid crap.
- Don't be afraid to tell others you need money for stuff.
- Your parents are amazing. Let them know that.
- Stay awake during conference.
- Priesthood blessings are not a sign of weakness.
- Good dates are sitting and talking.
- You don't need to spend money to have fun.
- Your religion class will open your eyes if you prepare and pay attention. Take good notes in a spiral and keep it as a journal too.
- Keep a journal! For seriously, it'll save your life and you will love having it ater.
- Missionaries as friends is the only way to do it. Getting involved with a boy 3,000 miles away by letters only is NOT a good life choice.
- Facebook and Myspace one a day. Close your dang laptop while doing homework and take out the internet cord when you have to use it.
- Taking notes on your laptop is a good idea in theory, but in real life, you screw around.
- The library is awesome. Go there a lot.
- Using people is not cool. Don't justify it.
- Calling is better than texting 9 times out of 10.
- RM's aren't all scary.
- Don't judge a person by their state.
- PreMis are flakey. Deal/Get over it.
- Everyone says squaw peak isn't just for making out, but we know thats a total lie.
- Don't trust everyone right away. Thats the best way to get your heart broken and trust betrayed.
- Jumping into things makes for a messy situation.
- Professors will help you out if you just tell them the situation.
- Make a list of grade goals, then work hard to attain them. When you do, celebrate!
- Taking breaks is a good thing, as long as you are doing something worthwhile to take a break from.
- You can say no. Its okay to say no. Just say no.
- Honesty is the best policy in relationships, grades, religion, work and life.
- Talking to the Bishop isn't scary. Its wonderful.
- Don't hang out with bad people. Surround yourself with people who are like when you want to become.
- Writing missionaries is hard work. Seriously. But its also really rewarding. Keep writing and supporting them.
- Fasting helps you be more spiritually aware.
- At church, actively listen to what is being said. The spirit will testify the things you need to know.
- Bearing your testimony is good, but so is being uplifted by everyone else's.
- Talk to a person for 20+ minutes before you decide you don't like them.
- Talk to a boy for 10+ hours before you kiss him.
- Follow your heart. Don't let the practical bring you down.
- Do stuff for yourself, not for others.
- Don't plan your life around someone else. Its your life... act like it. Take charge.
- Let others know your standards and if they don't respect them, you don't hang out with them. Thats a good way to keep yourself out of trouble.
- The less bad situations you put yourself in, the less likely you are to mess up.
- Making out in a car is not classy.
- Making out in general is not a good idea. It leads to feelings you shouldn't be having.
- Late nights lead to bad judgement. 1:30 should be the cut off time for dates. Midnight is even better.
- Freshman are people too.
- Movies aren't very good dates.
- If you do go to a movie, watch the screen, not the boy or the back of your eyelids.
- People are unique. You can't put them into a category.
- Don't judge people ever. Seriously. You'll be wrong.
- Don't say you'll never do something, or you'll end up doing it.
- Be sensitive to the needs of others.
- Serving others shows your love for them.
- Complaining never solves anything. If you don't like something, fix it.
- If you want something done right, do it yourself.
- Listen to the prompting of the spirit. They aren't random thoughts coming into your head. Act upon them.
- Do your visiting teaching.
- Love yourself. You are a beautiful daughter of God.

I hope you have an awesome year. Don't make the same mistakes I did - learn from them!
Have fun and remember to brush your teeth!
Sabrina (at the end of freshman year)

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Lyndsi Shae* said...

You, my dear, are growing up.