Monday, October 22, 2007

Dear World

Today is going to be a good week. I don't have anything due in any classes, my midterms are on a weekish long sabbatical to never-never land to return in a couple of weeks, with only one a week in november! hurrah!
Also, one month from today I shall be sitting on the beach in cancun tanning and de-stressing and listening to italian songs on my ipod. it will be fantastical.
I'm going to decide on a reception center this week, and worry about nothing wedding-wise until after Christmas (except bridesmaid dresses and save the date cards) and then life will be good. Stevie is going with me to look at The Point tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to a good chat with her. I love her!
I'm making Italian flash cards. If I don't use them, at least I can sell them. They are snappy!
Also, my room/apt is staying clean. Because I clean it! Almost every day! Now all I need to do is find a good way to organize my books. I might go buy a shelf or something tomorrow at IKEA. Its driving me nuts to have them all over my desk. UGH!
I love my Fiance. He's quite wonderful. And he's going to be the most amazing father of all time.
The end!

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siovhan said...

I can identify with the book space problem. I had to move out 2 boxes of books at the beginning of the semester because I couldn't fit them in my room.